What is cellulose filtration aid


The cellulose filtration aid can improve the filtration efficiency of the filtrate. In order to prevent the filter residue from accumulating too densely and to make the filtration proceed smoothly, insoluble inert materials with different degrees of fineness are used.

cellulose filtration aid

In the filtration operation, in order to reduce the filtration resistance, increase the filtration rate or obtain a highly clarified filtrate, an auxiliary powdery and granular substance is added, which is called a cellulose filtration aid.

The basic requirements of cellulose filtration aid:
1. Rigid particles that can form a porous cake layer, so that the filter cake has good permeability and lower fluid resistance.
2. Has chemical stability.
3. It is incompressible within the operating pressure range.

Commonly used filter aids include diatomaceous earth, perlite, cellulose filtration aid, asbestos, graphite powder, sawdust, magnesium oxide, gypsum, activated carbon, acid clay and so on.

In the paper industry, cellulose filtration aid is a chemical added to increase the water filterability and dehydration speed of wet paper from the papermaking wire. Generally, it is a cationic polymer polyelectrolyte, such as polyethyleneimine, cationic starch, polyamide, polyacrylamide, etc.

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