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Cellulose filter aid

Cellulose filtration aid is also called cellulose filter aid, filtration fiber, etc. LVJECEL ®Cellulose filter aid / cellulose filtration aid / filtration fiber is made from natural plants and prepared by a special environmental protection process. Welcome to your purchase.

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Features and functions

Cellulose filter aid

What is LVJECEL ®Cellulose filter aid ?

Traditional mineral filtration generally uses diatomite and perlite as Cellulose filtration aids, and the by-products after filtration cannot be degraded, causing pollution and bringing certain difficulties to the post-treatment process.

LVJECEL ®Cellulose filter aid / cellulose filtration aid / filtration fiber is made from natural plants and prepared by a special environmental protection process. It is sieved into organic fibers of different lengths and particle sizes. It is non-heavy metal, non-toxic, odorless, and non-radioactive. It is an environmentally friendly product that can be completely degraded.




Economic savings

Compared to mineral products, the amount of LVJECEL ® Cellulose filter aid can be reduced by 70%, which means less consumption and significantly less sediment.

At the same time, a decrease in sediment indicates a decrease in the remaining filtrate, which means that the product loss is reduced when processing wet filtered sediment.

Due to the fibrous structure of LVJECEL ® Cellulose filter aid, stable and well-defined compacted materials or agglomerates can be obtained, which are usually profitable to recycle.


Environmentally friendly treatment

Because LVJECEL ® Cellulose filter aid is fully biodegradable, uncontaminated filter residue can be profitably recovered for use in plantation, compost or animal feed.

On the other hand, due to the BTU value and extremely low ash content of LVJECEL ® Cellulose filter aid, contaminated filter residue can be heat recovered, which is very economical.

In individual cases, the residue-free incineration of LVJECEL ® Cellulose filter aid can recover valuable materials that were previously filtered out (eg catalyst filtration).


Reliable and efficient

Due to the fibrous structure, jagged surface, and large pore volume of LVJECEL ® Cellulose filter aid, higher flow rates can often be achieved.

At the same time, the elastic response of the fibers causes a surge in pressure, making the filtration longer. They bridge the damaged points in the filter material, and through internal bonding, make subsequent cake cleaning easier.

Due to the softness and abrasion resistance of LVJECEL ® Cellulose filter aid, pumps, pipes and conveying parts are better protected.



Cellulose filtration aid Product application

● Drinks      ● Chemistry and pharmacy      ● Metal processing      ● Wastewater&sediment treatmen      ● Petrochemical



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