"Sustainable development" is a dynamic concept that involves the integration of economy, society, culture, technology and the natural environment.It not only meets the needs of contemporary people but also does not endanger the development of future generations to meet their needs.


In the past, people were concerned about the impact of development on the environment. Now people urgently feel the impact of ecological degradation on development and the importance of ecological interdependence among countries.


We have always held the view that industry should be high in production and low in consumption, energy should be used cleanly, and population and resources should be kept in relative balance.We study fiber and constantly tap new uses of plants to bring new changes to our customers and the environment. 


We continue to improve product performance to reduce energy consumption, the entire plant through integrated recycling programs to achieve zero material waste, long-term corporate plans including investment in green energy to live in harmony with our environment.LVJIAN is committed to sustainable business and a healthy environment as it is our responsibility to the environment and future.

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Founded in 2003, LVJIAN is a company that researches, develops and produces high quality natural organic fibers. With the mission of "create value-added products that are conducive to social development, economical and environmentally friendly",

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LVJIAN has developed the "green" function of plant materials with advanced fiber technology and applied it to construction chemicals, road construction, organic filter aid, animal nutrition, pet litter and other industries.

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