Flake cellulose fiber

LVJIAN® flake cellulose fiber is made from special plant materials. It is a new type of special fiber for concrete durability developed after chemical synthetic fibers. It has natural hydrophilicity and high strength and high model point.

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Cellulose fiber

LVJIAN® cellulose fiber is extracted from natural special tree species and obtained through screening, division, high temperature treatment, neutralization and screening.Its microstructure shows the porous character of belt bending and uneven.Chemical performance is stable, under ordinary conditions, not general solvent, acid, alkali corrosion.

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Wall clothing fiber

LVJIAN® wall clothing fiber is a fiber used in wall clothing decoration materials, with excellent water retention and crack resistance. It is evenly dispersed in the wall clothing, so that the finished product of the wall clothing has a unique texture. The fiber of wall clothing has excellent quality without odor, pollution and radioactivity, and does not affect the environment.

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Polypropylene fiber

LVJIAN ® polypropylene fiber is a chopped fiber made of polypropylene material adding masterbatch, subjected to special processes such as blending, spinning, stretching, anti-static and anti-ultraviolet radiation.

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Founded in 2003, LVJIAN is a company that researches, develops and produces high quality natural organic fibers. With the mission of "create value-added products that are conducive to social development, economical and environmentally friendly",

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LVJIAN has developed the "green" function of plant materials with advanced fiber technology and applied it to construction chemicals, road construction, organic filter aid, animal nutrition, pet litter and other industries.

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