Anti-rutting agent

LVJIAN® anti-rutting agent is a kind of asphalt mixture additive composed of a variety of polymers. It greatly improves the high-temperature stability of the asphalt mixture through the multiple effects of tackifying, stiffening, filling, asphalt modification, and elastic recovery on the surface of the aggregate, and also improves the water stability and low-temperature crack resistance of the mixture.

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Cellulose fiber for SMA

LVJIAN®Cellulose fiber for asphalt SMA is called GSMA.It is a high quality and high purity fiber made by physical extrusion of pure flocculated fiber.It is widely used in SMA pavement, which can improve the anti-aging ability and durability of asphalt layer, thus greatly extending the service life of pavement.The good thixotropic, protective, absorbing, carrier and filling effects of the cellulose fiber make it play a superior performance in the SMA mixture, which can improve the anti-aging ability and durability of the asphalt layer, thereby greatly extending the service life of the road . It is an indispensable stabilizer when used in pavement. It is usually flocculent or pellet.

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WEINDTM feeder is an industrial equipment, which is suitable for adding various kinds of flocculent and granular asphalt modifiers such as wood cellulose fiber, mineral fiber, anti-rutting agent, and temperature stabilizer during the production process of asphalt mixing . It has the advantages of accurate measurement, convenient operation and control, simple maintenance and reliable use.

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Founded in 2003, LVJIAN is a company that researches, develops and produces high quality natural organic fibers. With the mission of "create value-added products that are conducive to social development, economical and environmentally friendly",

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LVJIAN has developed the "green" function of plant materials with advanced fiber technology and applied it to construction chemicals, road construction, organic filter aid, animal nutrition, pet litter and other industries.

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