Advantages of cellulose filtration aid


Cellulose filtration aid uses natural raw materials as raw materials and is refined through grinding technology and fractionation. It is an environmentally friendly product that can be completely degraded. What are the advantages compared with traditional filter aids? Let’s take a look below.

Cellulose filtration aid

1. The cellulose filtration aid is not harmful to health.
2. The wet cake density of cellulose filtration aid is low.
3. The cellulose filtration aid has a higher filtration flow rate and a longer filtration cycle time.
4. The cellulose filtration aid is not easy to settle in the pipeline.
5. The cellulose filtration aid has low heavy metal content and high purity.

In addition, the cellulose filtration aid should be a soft organic material, which is not easy to cause abrasion hazards to the equipment, and when it is applied, it is necessary not only to choose products of reliable quality, but also to control the application temperature and the amount of use. To the ideal application effect.

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