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The "Asian Concrete World Expo WOCA" has successfully concluded on December 6, 2017 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. At the same time, the exhibition will launch 80+ events in the five major sectors of concrete, flooring, construction, mortar, and gravel aggregate, providing a comprehensive platform for trade and communication for local and Asian professionals.

This year, the organizer selected 5 epoxy millstone flooring projects as a classic case and shared the project. At the meeting site, Liu Xiaoxin, the director of the technical committee of the China Flooring Association, made in-depth comments on the projects one by one. The conference is mainly a seminar format with a question and answer session.

Liu Xiaoxin, deputy secretary-general, chief expert, director of technical committee, and director of standards committee of China Construction Materials Federation's flooring branch, mainly engaged in the drafting of related national flooring standards, industry planning, and technical and management training; focusing on new materials, new Industry promotion of crafts and new construction methods. He has worked in the Chinese Academy of Building Materials Science for 16 years; he was the general manager of the North District of Fosroc (China) Co., Ltd. and the vice president of Sika (China) Group of Switzerland. Currently engaged in corporate strategic management training, and served as strategic management consultants for many large chemical building materials and machinery manufacturing companies at home and abroad.

Talking about the method of epoxy millstone leveling layer and its influence on surface layer

Speaker: Jinghui Lin, Marketing Manager, Shanghai Dimension Chemical Technology Co., Ltd.

Theme of the seminar:

(1) C20-C30 fine stone concrete is the conventional first choice for screed materials-with a case description;

(2) High-strength polymer crack-resistant semi-dry mortar is the “new favorite” of screed material—with a case description;

(3) The effect comparison of "both" in the same project;

(4) Differential coping methods of “both” leveling on different structural planes;

(5) The selection of the material for the leveling layer is very important, but the epoxy grindstone material and construction of the surface layer cannot be ignored.

Application of epoxy millstone in shopping mall project

Speaker: Han Mingrui, Chairman of Hangzhou Aideka Construction Engineering Co., Ltd.

Theme of the seminar:

(1) Case sharing of Hangzhou Dongxin · Hechuangyuan Comprehensive Art Center;

(2) Case study of Hangzhou Ocean Ocean Ledi Port, an art shopping mall.

Comparison of epoxy grindstone wet construction and dry construction

Speaker: Huang Haiwei, General Manager and Engineering Director of Shenzhen Wanjiean Building Material Co., Ltd.

Theme of the seminar:

(1) Comparison of wet and dry epoxy millstones, material ratio of wet and dry epoxy millstones, comparison of advantages and disadvantages, etc .;

(2) Introduction of wet and dry epoxy millstone construction methods;

(3) Case sharing.

Application of epoxy millstone in Beijing Central Park project

Speaker: Guo Junjian, Chairman of Dian Yue Holdings

Theme of the seminar:

(1) After years of baptism, terrazzo has evolved through the upgrade of technology and formula, and has evolved into a new type of decorative and environmentally friendly product, terrazzo.

(2) The three major pieces of materials used in the flooring industry are divided into tiles, stone, and overall ground. The overall ground demand is becoming more and more significant, and it has become a demand for many large public spaces such as shopping malls, hospitals, schools, airports, hotels, garages and other fields.

(3) How does Dian Yue lead the overall ground industry and promote the overall ground development of the industry?

(4) As a leading brand, it must integrate design, research and development, sales, and construction, and have extensive project experience. Companies willing to take on the role of the industry. Dian Yue treats each project as a work, which aims to build a national brand and set a new benchmark for the ground system service provider for the industry.

Discussion on the Design and Application of Glass Grinding Stone

Speaker: Zu Hong, Sales Director of Suzhou Glaston Green Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Theme of the seminar:

The overall millstone design is in the ascendant in China, and has shown a booming trend. But how to realize the designer's idea? How to achieve the desired effect? Our level of reality needs to be improved. We must catch up in order to provide high quality services to the market.

The realization of the commercial millstone is the result of the cooperation of design, materials and construction. Each kind of millstone has its own characteristics and advantages. It needs to cooperate with the designer and the construction team according to the field of application, in order to present its best use.

The topic we are discussing today is the material characteristics of Glaston glass stone and how to cooperate with the designer to realize the maximum value of its application field.

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