The 15th (Shanghai) International Mortar Technology and Equipment Exhibition


CME China Mortar Exhibition, as the weathervane exhibition of the domestic mortar industry, has been in the industry for 14 years. It has become an excellent window for mortar enterprises to seize the opportunity and occupy the market. It is also an indispensable annual event for industry professionals!

After more than 40 years of accumulation and development, the World of Concrete (WOC for short) has become a well-known international annual event for the construction industry of concrete and construction machinery. In 2017, the WOC brand officially entered China. With the deep industry foundation of the existing Shanghai Mortar Exhibition, it introduced new categories to expand various international training courses and social activities. It is committed to creating an unmissable industry event in the construction and concrete industries in China and even Asia. Asia Concrete World Expo 2019!

Ready-mixed mortar and auxiliary materials:

a. Wet mix mortar: masonry mortar, plastering mortar, ground mortar, waterproof mortar;

b. Special dry-mixed mortar: floor mortar, self-leveling mortar, grouting mortar, insulation mortar, color mortar, art mortar, decorative mortar, etc.

c. Others: waterproof materials, putties, interface agents, grouts; tile adhesives, caulks, protective agents; diatomaceous earth, etc.

Mortar production and construction equipment:

High-efficiency mixers, mixers, dryers, sieving machines, packaging machines, control and measuring equipment; bags, packaging equipment, mobile irrigation, dry-mixed mortar transporters, back tankers; tile and floor construction equipment; mortar machines, sprayers Equipment, pumping and high-rise transportation systems; testing equipment, etc.

Mortar raw materials and additives:

Redispersible latex powder, cellulose ether, methyl cellulose, reinforcing fiber, polyvinyl alcohol; anti-cracking agent, water reducing agent, defoaming agent, retarder, accelerator, early strength agent, thixotropic agent, Super plasticizers, curing agents, sealants, hardeners and emulsion additives; special cement, machine sprayed gypsum, building lime, artificial sand, natural sand, slag sand, ultrafine powder, fly ash, waste aggregate and Various types of sand making equipment; mortar formula and application technology.

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