Application of wood fiber in dry powder mortar


With the advancement of science and technology and the continuous development of industry, the application of wood fiber has become more and more widespread. Lignocellulosic fiber is a necessary raw material in the production process of dry powder mortar, and it also has a great effect, but some users are not very clear about this, today we will give a detailed description for the majority of users.

First, the building waterproof

Fiber mortar can effectively make up for the technical performance defects of innovative application and development of modern engineering technologies such as self-waterproofing of structures and roofing engineering.

Second, caulk

1. Excellent water retention, can extend the cool time and improve work efficiency. High lubricity makes application easier and smoother.

2. Improve shrinkage resistance and crack resistance, and improve surface quality.

3. Provide a smooth and uniform texture, and make the bonding surface strong.

Third, self-leveling floor materials

1. Increase viscosity, can be used as anti-precipitation aid.

2. Enhance the fluidity and pumpability to improve the efficiency of paving.

3. Control water retention, thereby greatly reducing cracking and shrinkage.

Fourth, masonry mortar

1. Enhance the adhesion to the surface of the masonry. And can enhance water retention, so that the strength of the mortar can be improved.

2. Improve lubricity and plasticity, thereby improving construction performance, easier application, saving time, and improving cost-effectiveness.

Five, cement-based plaster

1. Improve the uniformity, make the plaster easier to apply, and improve the anti-sliding ability. Enhance fluidity and pumpability to improve work efficiency.

2. High water retention, extending the working time of the mortar, improving the work efficiency, and helping the mortar to form high mechanical strength during solidification.

3. Control the infiltration of air, thereby eliminating the micro-cracks of the coating and forming an ideal smooth surface.

6. Mortar surface layer

1. The fiber plaster mortar is applied to the wall surface layer, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of wall cracks and achieve the effect of crack resistance and seepage prevention.

2. The fiber mortar surface layer has good construction and trimming operation characteristics. It has no effect on the appearance of the mortar surface layer.

3. Fiber can make up the technical defects of new lightweight wall materials to the greatest extent. Various lightweight energy-saving wall materials have different degrees of surface cracking and insufficient impermeability, which has affected their popularization and application. While using these wall materials, they also use companion fiber mortar as a plastering surface layer. It can fully make up for its performance defects and help improve the quality of the project.

Seven, plaster-based plaster and plaster products

1. Improve the uniformity, make the plaster easier to apply, and improve the anti-sagging ability. Enhance fluidity and pumpability to improve work efficiency.

2. High water retention, extending the working time of the mortar, and forming high mechanical strength during solidification.

Eight, insulation mortar base

1. Fiber mortar makes the mortar base layer scratchy and greasy. The layer is firm, beautiful and flat. It is suitable for all kinds of architectural coatings. The increasingly extensive application of various types of exterior wall coatings has imposed higher requirements on building mortars. Because fiber mortars have good crack resistance, impact resistance and freeze resistance, they can greatly improve their engineering characteristics and meet the requirements of construction technology. Various requirements and fundamentally guarantee the quality of construction.

2. Improve the efficiency of plastering construction and reduce losses. Fiber mortar is better than neat cement mortar because of its cohesiveness and stability. It is easy to apply ash during plastering and the drop of slow mortar is greatly reduced.

3. It is conducive to ensuring the construction quality of the facing brick layer. The use of fiber mortar as the base layer, due to the reduction or disappearance of its cracking phenomenon, plays a very important role in ensuring the adhesion strength of the facing tiles and preventing the occurrence of cracks and hollowing of the brick.

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