Microwave and ultrasonic pretreatment methods for lignocellulose


From the composition and structure of lignocellulose, it can be known that the main factors affecting the saccharification and decomposition of cellulose are the protective effect of lignin and hemicellulose, the crystallinity, degree of polymerization, effective specific surface area, internal pore size and distribution of cellulose, etc. It is quite difficult to directly saccharify, hydrolyze or biotransform cellulose. Therefore, no matter what process is adopted to decompose and utilize cellulose, the cellulose raw material must be pretreated first, the purpose of which is to reduce the degree of polymerization and crystallinity of cellulose, destroy the bonding layer of lignin and hemicellulose, and remove lignin. element to increase the effective specific surface area. Now let's talk about the methods of microwave and ultrasonic pretreatment of lignocellulose.


Microwave is a new energy-saving heating technology without temperature gradient, which can be used in dyeing industry to improve the dyeing performance of lignocellulose. The application of ultrasound in the chemical industry is also developing rapidly. Under the condition of ultra-high pressure, in the process of pretreating biomass (such as crop waste) with organic acid, corn stover was irradiated with microwave (4.9W/g), and then hydrolyzed with enzyme at 400℃, pH value of 5.0 for 72h, and the saccharification rate was as high as 98%

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