The characteristics of lignocellulose


Lignocellulose is insoluble in water, weak acid and alkaline solution; the pH value is neutral, which can improve the corrosion resistance of the system.


Lignocellulose has small specific gravity, large specific surface area, excellent thermal insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, insulation and air permeability, uniform thermal expansion, no shell cracking, higher wet film strength and covering effect.

Lignocellulose has excellent flexibility and dispersibility. After mixing, it forms a three-dimensional network structure, which enhances the support and durability of the system, and can improve the stability, strength, compactness and uniformity of the system.

The structural viscosity of wood fiber keeps the uniformity of the processed prefabricated pulp (dry and wet material) stable and reduces the shrinkage and expansion of the system, so that the precision of construction or prefabrication is greatly improved.

Lignocellulose has strong antifreeze and heat resistance. When the temperature reaches 150 °C, it can be insulated for several days; when it reaches 200 °C, it can be insulated for dozens of hours; when it exceeds 220 °C, it can also be insulated for several hours.

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