The role of lignocellulose


1. Lignocellulose prevents non-structural cracks caused by various plastic and mechanical shrinkage, segregation and other factors, which can increase the extensibility of concrete in the plastic stage, thereby effectively preventing early shrinkage and settlement cracks.


2. Lignocellulose improves the impact strength and fatigue strength of concrete during the hardening stage of concrete.

3. It can effectively reduce cracks, increase the continuity of material medium, and reduce the phenomenon of local pressure concentration caused by the blocking of shock waves.

4. It can absorb impact energy, especially after the initial crack, it has the ability to continue to absorb impact energy, and at the same time, it can make the crack width expand slowly.

5. Lignocellulose can prolong the life of concrete and improve the retention ability of concrete in the process of fatigue.

6. Lignocellulose improves the axial tensile strength and flexural tensile strength of soil. Concrete is a brittle material, and its tensile strength is very low, generally only 6%-12% tensile. Due to the tensile strength It is easy to form cracks when there is a large tensile stress on the surface of the concrete, thus seriously reducing the durability of the concrete. Under the premise of adding the tensile strength of the mixed concrete, it can effectively reduce the brittleness of the concrete. Improving the flexural strength to improve the durability of concrete opens up a good prospect for effectively eliminating the common quality problems of concrete.

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