Cellulose filter aids make metal processing more environmentally friendly and economical!


Cellulose filter aids are derived from natural wood. On the basis of the retention function, special activation methods are used to have adsorption capacity, which can effectively filter lubricating dirty oil and fine impurity particles in dirty oil. In the lubricating oil filtration process of aluminum foil, aluminum strip and other non-ferrous metal processing, cellulose filter aid can well replace the traditional combination of diatomite and white clay mineral filter aid.

cellulose filter aids

According to the survey data, the lubricating oil filtration system of non-ferrous metal processing will produce more than 60,000 tons of oily solid waste of diatomite and white clay every year, which brings great pressure to post-processing and the environment. Cellulose filter aids can effectively prolong the filtration cycle, improve filtration precision, and reduce solid waste by about 80%, thereby reducing comprehensive use costs. Experts from the Aluminum Industry Association believe that cellulose filter aids bring new vitality to the non-ferrous metal processing industry and make traditional filtration processes more economical and environmentally friendly.

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