Application of cellulose filter aids in Liquid Sulfur Filtration


1) Use cellulose filter aids instead of diatomaceous earth as the filter aid for liquid sulfur filtration, and the ash content of liquid sulfur after filtration meets the control requirements;

cellulose filter aids

2) The filtration cycle and filtration capacity of the filter with the same filtration area using cellulose filter aids are basically the same as those of the filter using diatomaceous earth;

3) The consumption of cellulose filter aids by liquid sulfur is lower than that of diatomite, and the production cost is also lower than that of diatomite;

4) Using cellulose filter aids to filter, the sulfur residue is relatively easy to clean, and the amount of pre-coating is lower than that of diatomaceous earth, which reduces the labor intensity of operators.

Therefore, the use of cellulose filter aids to replace the traditional diatomite filtrate sulfur can meet the needs of production control, the production cost is lower than the use of diatomite, and the labor intensity of operators is also reduced. but,
Due to the low amount of cellulose added and the thin filter cake layer, the requirements for the pre-coating operation of the filter and the stability of the production process are relatively high. In the production, the pre-coating operation should be carried out in strict accordance with the specifications, and the working pressure of the filter should be stably controlled.

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