What should I pay attention to when buying recycled paper cat litter?


For cat owners, they must use recycled paper cat litter, because it can better remove odors. There are many types of recycled paper cat litter on the market. Cat owners should choose carefully. . What are some of the following for you to pay attention to? You can find out in advance.

recycled paper cat litter

When buying recycled paper cat litter, it is more important to pay attention to the dust situation. Because pets often dig or bury when they use it, if there is too much dust brought up at this time, it will have a big impact on some kittens, let alone pay attention to the breathing situation, so we are in When buying, try to choose recycled paper cat litter with larger particles, because if the particles are smaller, the dust will be larger. You can compare it at that time. And it is also very important to have agglomeration, because if they do not wrap the excrement in time after excretion, it will be relatively difficult for us to clean up, and we may encounter the situation of sticking to the bottom and sticking to the edge. , it's hard for us to clean up. This is also to be noted.

In addition to the above things to pay attention to, when you buy recycled paper cat litter, you should pay attention to whether it can cover the smell. These people who have raised cats should know that although they look very cute and well-behaved, the smell of poop is relatively large. If the recycled paper cat litter you buy cannot cover up the smell, it will not affect the indoor environment or cat owners. cleaning work is affected. These are all things to know before buying.

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