There is a lot of knowledge about recycled paper cat litter, do you know it all?


After raising a cat, the first necessity is recycled paper cat litter. Many people think that as long as the recycled paper cat litter box is replaced, there will be no problem. The replaceable recycled paper cat litter box also contains a lot of knowledge, which is also skillful, and the consequences of not replacing it are not light.

recycled paper cat litter

How often should recycled paper cat litter be changed?

If you don't change recycled paper cat litter for a long time, the cat will care more and more about you, because it is a very clean existence. The editor recommends that the recycled paper cat litter be changed once a week, and it is not very frequent. I believe you can do it. But there is still the trouble of cleaning up the clumps inside every day. Like the student party, you can make recycled paper cat litter yourself, and you should change it often. When you have time, you can use it to sterilize in the sun.

How much recycled paper cat litter?

A common problem for novice shovelers is that they don’t know how much recycled paper cat litter should be laid. Maybe too much, the cat will get to the ground, or too little will be useless. The correct thickness should be no less than the thickness of a finger, and it is best to lay two layers if possible. Recycled paper cat litter is better if there is more, but cats are very resistant to it.

Why do cats need recycled paper cat litter?

This goes back to the ancestors of cats. At that time, they were wild survivors, with prey and natural enemies. The cat's excrement has a strong indescribable smell, which creates a strong smell and attracts natural enemies. So, smart cats began to cover the excrement with sand to cover up the smell. Today's domestic cats also retain this habit, so they need to use recycled paper cat litter.

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