Some advantages of recycled paper cat litter


Recycled paper cat litter is an object that owners use to bury feces and urine for their cats. It has good water absorption and is generally used together with cat litter boxes (or cat toilets). Pour into the litter box, and the trained cat will walk into the litter box and put cat poo on it when it needs to excrete.

recycled paper cat litter

The most important progress in cat culture is the use of cat litter. The early cat litter was mainly non-condensable cat litter, and everyone mainly used it to store cat feces.

Recycled paper cat litter is made of pulp into small particles to simulate sand and provide water absorption, and there are also particles that use physical desiccants such as silica gel. Generally, chemical products such as antibacterial/deodorant/preservative are added. Cat litter will condense into blocks when it encounters water. Although it is easy to clean, it is recommended to use a special spatula. Most litter cats get on their feet and take them elsewhere, so be careful to clean them up frequently.

Recycled paper cat litter is soft sand, the size of a grain of rice. In terms of deodorization, the recycled paper cat litter is not easy to emit odor due to the particle size and hardness of the cat litter being similar to that of ordinary ore. Generally, the recycled paper cat litter sold in the market generally contains activated carbon, which is also helpful for deodorization. Recycled paper cat litter is small in size due to its relatively small particles. Although there is no agglomeration, it will turn gray after urination, which is easy to identify and easy to remove. And it can be flushed into the toilet, which is relatively easy.

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