Introduction of recycled paper cat litter


Recycled paper cat litter takes paper as the basic raw material. It is light in weight, hygienic and clean, with large water absorption and fast absorption. It is suitable for cleaning up the excrement of cats and dogs, and can quickly absorb the urine and feces discharged by pets. The resulting odor keeps the environment clean and fresh.

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After the recycled paper cat litter absorbs water, it can quickly agglomerate, which is easy to clean. After use, it can be directly poured into the sewer to avoid the odor caused by the garbage stored at home after use, so that bacteria have no chance to multiply; it can be decomposed when it enters the sewer, and it will not be blocked. sewer.
Recycled paper cat litter does not contain any chemical materials, and high temperature drying has no harm to people and pets, and no pollution to the environment. It is an environmentally friendly product, so it has more use value.
Because of its superior performance, recycled paper cat litter will surely become an ideal replacement product for cat litter.

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