Application of customized cellulose fiber in construction industry


Customized cellulose fiber is made of a special plant species in alpine regions. It is a new type of fiber for concrete durability developed after chemical synthetic fibers. It is called the third-generation special fiber for concrete in engineering circles. It has natural hydrophilicity. And high-strength high-model points. Customized cellulose fiber is made of a special plant species in alpine regions through a series of unique chemical treatments and mechanical processing. It has the characteristics of natural hydrophilicity, high strength and high modulus, because it belongs to the natural division of plant cells. The growth is non-artificial, giving the surface a strong grip.

customized cellulose fiber

In the subsequent processing, the customized cellulose fiber uses a special non-polar material to make the fiber into a sheet-like monomer, which is convenient for the transportation and delivery of the fiber. Under the action of water immersion and mixer friction, the sheet-like monomers are easily dispersed into fiber monofilaments, which play an anti-cracking effect, which can effectively improve the mechanical properties of concrete, freeze-thaw resistance and impermeability.

Customized cellulose fiber effectively prevents the occurrence of concrete shrinkage cracks
Due to the characteristics of customized cellulose fiber itself, such as natural hydrophilicity, excellent grip, huge fiber specific surface area, and high toughness and strength, after adding it into concrete, under the action of water immersion and external force, The formation of a large number of uniformly distributed fine fibers can effectively prevent the occurrence of cracks caused by concrete plastic shrinkage, drying shrinkage and temperature changes.

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