What is the main basis for the selection of good price and quality cellulose filtration aid


The selection of good price and quality cellulose filtration aid is mainly based on the filtration purpose, the characteristics of the material to be filtered and the filter medium used to determine the type, particle size and amount of filter aid to achieve the ideal filter aid effect. The purpose of filtration is to separate the solid phase from the liquid phase in the suspension, and some are to obtain a clear filtrate, some require a filter cake formed by solids, or both the filtrate and the filter cake are recovered. In many cases of industrial filtration, the filter cake is discarded to purify the liquid. If it is to obtain a clear filtrate and a large filtration speed is required, diatomaceous earth filter aid can be used, which is chemically stable, a porous material, non-compressible, and has good filtration performance. An ideal filter aid.

good price and quality cellulose filtration aid

If the value required for filtration is filter cake, the quality cellulose filtration aid must be removed from the filter cake to obtain pure solids. In this case, if diatomaceous earth is used, it will be separated from the filter cake. It is more difficult to come out, so it is generally not used. It is more suitable to use good price and quality cellulose filtration aid or activated carbon powder as filter aid, because these two kinds of filter aids can be completely removed from the filter cake by heating and burning, so a single pure solid can be obtained.

In addition, in order to prevent the filtrate channel from being short-circuited and affecting the filtration accuracy, 1-3% cellulose or asbestos fibers are often added to the diatomite filter aid, which can greatly improve the performance of the filter cake.

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