Pre-coat filtration performance of cellulose filtration aid products


The pre-coating and filtration performance of high-viscosity materials added to cellulose filtration aid products were studied, indicating that different pre-coating conditions would have a great influence on the filtration performance of the pre-coating layer. By changing the pre-coating pressure and concentration, the cellulose filter cake was affected. The filtration specific resistance, compressibility coefficient and porosity of the layer were investigated.

cellulose filtration aid products

Experiments show that the specific resistance of the pre-coating layer of cellulose filtration aid products increases with the increase of pressure and decreases with the increase of concentration; the porosity decreases with the increase of pressure and increases with the increase of concentration; the compressibility coefficient increases with the increase of concentration .cellulose filtration aid products are medium compressible materials with large porosity. The research results can provide reference for the engineering application of cellulose pre-coating filtration for high viscosity materials.

The production system of cellulose filtration aid products: including: raw material warehouse, pre-grinder, solid material tank, liquid material tank, mixing tank, reaction kettle, suspension material tank, water tank, spray belt, filter belt, screw press, drying Compared with the traditional pulp system, the production system is simpler, easier to operate, and the production conditions are mild. The cellulose filtration aid products produced are cost-effective and widely used, and can meet most filtration requirements.

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