The main application of cellulose fiber


Cellulose fiber is a fiber obtained by processing the stem and bast of some plants. Usually conifers and broad-leaved trees are used as raw materials. The fiber diameter is 20-120μm, the length is 0.5-5mm, the tensile strength is 300-800MPa, and the elastic modulus is 10-30GPa. Sex is greater. It can be used to replace asbestos to make fiber reinforced cement board suitable for building interior.

Cellulose fiber

If cellulose fiber is mixed with calcareous materials (lime, cement, etc.) and siliceous materials (quartz sand, diatomaceous earth, etc.) and cured by autoclaving, asbestos-free calcium silicate board can be made, which has good fire resistance and Dimensional stability, can be used as the inner and outer wall panels of buildings and marine compartment wall panels, etc.

As a renewable natural polymer material, cellulose fiber has the advantages of biodegradation and low price, and has a large number of hydroxyl groups in the molecular chain, which can react with many small molecular compounds and modify it to generate Different cellulose products with antibacterial properties. Fluff pulp can be used as both a cellulose fiber-based functional material and a water-absorbent material, and is currently widely used in the production of sanitary napkins and diapers. If the fluff pulp is modified into antibacterial products, it can effectively reduce the damage of bacteria to the human body, which can not only improve the quality of the product, expand its functions, but also increase the added value of the fluff pulp.

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