Cellulose media manufacturers introduce environmental media in the production process of cellulose media


Cellulose media is one of the main products of cellulose media manufacturers. Many environmental media are used in the processing of cellulose media. Next, the cellulose media manufacturer will introduce the environmental media in the production process of cellulose media.

cellulose media

As we all know, when processing cellulose media, it goes through four reactions, and environmental media is indispensable for chemical reactions. However, the environmental media required for different reactions are also different. For example, ethanol or water needs to be used in the first reaction, and we may use ethanol, isopropanol or water in the second reaction. The third reaction will use isopropanol or water, and the last reaction may use toluene, isopropanol or water.

We all know that when processing cellulose media, we must refer to a variety of standards for production and processing, and the technical indicators of the products are the most important. When testing the technical indicators of cellulose media, we mainly carry out the following tests, which not only include moisture, viscosity, purity and degree of substitution, but also lead and arsenic content, salt tolerance and salt-to-viscosity ratio, and acid-to-viscosity ratio and high Temperature-acid-viscosity ratio.

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