How to choose high-quality granular cellulose fiber


How to choose the quality of cellulose fiber when buying cellulose fiber, let’s find out today.

good price and quality cellulose fiber

Select the quality of the cellulose fiber, and observe the appearance of the granular cellulose fiber, that is, the color, gloss, and purity of the granules. Looking at the ash content of the pelletized cellulose fiber and its raw materials after burning, the pelletized cellulose fiber is mostly light yellow or brown. If the material is used differently, the produced pelletized lignin fiber also has other colors. Purity refers to the granulation. The better the granulation, the longer the length, and the less fragments, it can be regarded as the first-class granules. The lower the ash content of the produced pellet fuel after combustion, it indicates that the raw material is pure and the quality is good. The pellet lignin fiber ash content of pure sawdust biomass is only 1%, and the ash content is less. The higher the quality pellets, the higher the gloss.

The function of the granular cellulose fiber is to make the asphalt firmly form a layer of asphalt film on the surface of the aggregate, and because of the function of the fiber, the layer of asphalt film becomes thicker, which greatly improves the anti-aging ability of the asphalt layer. To extend its use period. Therefore, in the case of enterprise selection, we must choose high-quality granular cellulose fiber.

The above is the selection details of cellulose fiber, I hope it will be helpful to you.

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