Conditions to ensure the quality of cellulose fiber


The normal use of all products can only be carried out under the condition of ensuring the quality of cellulose fiber, and the cellulose fiber used in our daily life is an organic fiber, which is essential for paving the road. The stabilizer. So what are the factors that can ensure product quality in the production process?

quality cellulose fiber

1. Fiber length research, select 200LS air-impact screening and microscope research.
2. The impurity content of the fiber is expressed by the residual ash after high-temperature combustion.
3. Oil absorption experiment, which is also the most critical index value of fiber characteristics.
4. Detect the pH value of fiber solution.
5. Water content detection.
6. The relative density of cellulose fiber.
7. X-ray, infrared spectrum analyzer and nuclear magnetic resonance research.
8. Need to add an automatic feeder.

I believe that after understanding the knowledge and characteristics of cellulose fiber introduced above, you will also have a certain understanding of the conditions that can ensure the quality of cellulose fiber. Only when these requirements are met in the production process can the quality of the product be well ensured. Therefore, I hope that everyone can pay attention to it after understanding it to avoid adverse effects on product quality.

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