What is the difference between cellulose and cellulose fiber


Cellulose specifically refers to a natural macromolecule composed of glucose units linked together by glycosidic bonds. Cellulose fiber, also known as regenerated cellulose, means that its chemical composition is cellulose, and its shape conforms to the concept of fiber.

cellulose fiber

Cellulose fiber includes natural fibers and chemical fibers, while natural fibers include plant fibers and animal fibers, and chemical fibers include man-made fibers and synthetic fibers. Plant fibers are composed of cellulose, hemicellulose and lignin and other minor impurities. And cellulose fiber is both natural and renewable.

The reason for this confusion is that cellulose is generally fibrous, that is, slender, and we can easily call it fiber, but don’t forget that the substance contained in fiber is not only cellulose, and when the state of cellulose is not When it is fibrous, such as degradation, dissolution and regeneration, etc., when its morphology no longer meets the definition of fiber, we can no longer call it cellulose fiber, but only cellulose.

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