The role of wood fiber


First, we must improve the soil texture. The surface layer of wood fiber can absorb a lot of floating dust particles, which increases the particles of powdery soil and reduces the probability of flying. The relatively high content of organic matter in wood fiber helps the growth of microorganisms and promotes the maturation of the soil environment.

wood fiber

The second is to increase soil fertility. The content of organic compounds in wood fiber reaches 95-99%, and it also contains nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other minerals required for the growth of plants. It is also a medium for the growth of new plants.

The third is to conserve water. The unique wooden structure characteristics of wood fiber make it have better water retention characteristics than other brazing materials, water absorption, large water holding capacity, and slow and uniform water release. Under the same precipitation conditions, the wetting period of wood fiber and straw woven covering of the same product quality is different, and the wetting period of wood fiber is about 25% higher.

Wood fiber is different from lignocellulose.

Lignocellulose can't dissolve water, weak acid and alkaline solutions; the pH is neutral, which can improve the corrosion resistance of the system.
Lignocellulose has a small specific gravity and a large specific surface area. It has excellent heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, insulation and air permeability. It has uniform thermal expansion and does not crack the shell; it has higher wet film strength and coverage.
Lignocellulose has excellent flexibility and dispersibility. After being mixed, it forms a three-dimensional network structure, which improves the support and durability of the system, and improves the stability, strength, density and uniformity of the system.
The structural viscosity of wood fiber keeps the uniformity of the processed prefabricated slurry (dry and wet material) in its original state and reduces the shrinkage and expansion of the system, which greatly improves the accuracy of engineering construction or prefabricated parts.
Wood fiber has strong cold and heat resistance. When the temperature reaches 150℃, it can be insulated for several days; when the temperature reaches hg200℃, it can be insulated for more than ten hours; when it exceeds 220℃, it can also be insulated for several hours.

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