How to use cellulose filter aids


(1) Add the cellulose filter aids to the filter slurry, stir evenly and filter, so that the cellulose filter aids forms a porous and loose filter cake on the filter medium, and repeatedly filter to obtain a clear solution. This method is suitable for the filter slurry with low solid content, especially containing viscous or gelatinous substances, and the dosage of cellulose filter aids is 0.1-0.5%.

cellulose filter aids

(2) The cellulose filter aids is made into a paste with an appropriate amount of filter slurry, added to the filter medium, suction filtered to form a cellulose filter aid deposition layer with a thickness of 1-5mm, and then the liquid medicine is filtered. This filtration method can prevent the pores of the filter medium from being blocked by fine particles or stickers, and a clear solution can be obtained in the early stage of filtration. Methods (1) and (2) can also be used in combination.

The effect of the amount of cellulose filter aids on the filtration rate. As the amount of cellulose filter aids increases, the filtration rate increases, but exceeding the optimum amount often results in a slower filtration rate and no improvement in clarity. Therefore, when using cellulose filter aids, it is best to experiment to determine the appropriate amount.

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