Properties of cellulose filter aids


Cellulose filter aid is a natural organic medium, which is extracted from the tissues that form various parts of plants, and is widely used in food, metal lubricating chemical industry and other fields. Since the chemical composition of cellulose filter aid contains only three elements, C.H.O, it will burn at high temperature to form CO2 and water vapor after being carried into the system. Cellulose filter aids mainly have the following properties:

cellulose filter aids

1) Due to the characteristics of the fiber structure, a uniform network structure can be formed, the pre-coating is well formed, and the ability to capture impurities is strong;

2) Due to the higher open porosity formed by the fiber structure, the pressure drop after forming a uniform filter cake layer is smaller than that of traditional diatomite;

3) The uniform mesh structure formed can prevent the filter cake from cracking and breaking, and can protect the damaged part when the filter cake is damaged, and it is easy to be cleaned out when the filter slag is discharged;

4) The cellulose filter aids has good flexibility, and the filter cake has elastic resilience when the pressure drops, and can effectively reduce the erosion and wear of the material on the equipment, filter plate, pipeline and pump.

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