How does customized cellulose filtration aid work


The role of customized cellulose filtration aid is to reduce filtration resistance and improve filtration speed and clarity. Filter aids should be chemically stable, insoluble, hard, irregularly shaped fine particles that form a loosely structured and virtually incompressible filter cake. So how does customized cellulose filtration aid work? Let's find out together.

customized cellulose filtration aid

1. Filter
In depth filtration, the separation process only occurs inside the medium, and some of the smaller impurity particles that pass through the surface of the filter cake are blocked by the tortuous microporous structure inside the customized cellulose filtration aid and the smaller pores inside the filter cake. Such particles tend to be smaller than the pores of cellulose, and when the particles hit the walls of the channel, it is possible to break out of the flow, but whether it achieves this depends on the balance of inertial forces and resistance to which the particles are subjected.

2. Screening
This is a surface-customized cellulose filtration aid filtration effect. When the fluid flows through the cellulose, the pores of the cellulose are smaller than the particle size of the impurity particles, so that the impurity particles cannot pass through and are trapped. This effect is called sieving. effect.

3. Adsorption
The point position of cellulose is negative and the value is large, which can effectively adsorb positive charges. When those particles smaller than the internal pores of the customized cellulose filtration aid collide with the inner surface of the porous cellulose, they are attracted by the charges. Another is the particle The mutual attraction between them forms a chain group and adheres to the cellulose. These belong to the adsorption effect, and the adsorption effect is more complicated than the first two effects.

The above is an introduction to the working principle of customized cellulose filtration aid. I hope it can help you. If you have any questions about calcined cellulose in the later stage, please leave a message for consultation.

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