The cellulose filtration aid manufacturers tell you what is the role of cellulose filtration aid


Cellulose filtration aid is a substance that can improve the filtration efficiency of filtrate. Therefore, this substance can not only prevent the accumulation of filter residues from being too dense and make the filtration proceed smoothly, but also have the following functions. Let cellulose filtration aid manufacturers explain to you below.
 cellulose filtration aid manufacturers
1. Retaining effect
       In depth filtration, the separation process only occurs in the "inside" of the medium, and the relatively small impurity particles that partially pass through the surface of the filter cake are blocked by the tortuous microporous channels inside the cellulose filtration aid and the finer pores inside the filter cake. This kind of particles are often smaller than the pores of the cellulose filtration aid. When the particles hit the wall of the channel, it is possible to break away from the liquid flow, but whether it can reach this point depends on the inertial force and resistance of the particles. Equilibrium, which is similar in nature to interception and sieving, is a mechanical action. The ability to filter out solid particles is essentially only related to the relative size and shape of the solid particles and pores.
2. Screening function
       This is a surface filtration effect. When the fluid flows through the cellulose filtration aid, the pores of the filter aid are smaller than the particle size of the impurity particles, so that the impurity particles cannot pass through and are trapped. This effect is called screening. In fact, the surface of the filter cake can be regarded as a sieve surface with an equivalent average pore size. When the diameter of the solid particles is not less than (or slightly smaller) than the pore diameter of the filter aid, the solid particles will be "sieved" from the suspension. Divided" out, playing the role of surface filtration.
3. Adsorption
       Different from the above two filtration mechanisms, this effect can actually be regarded as electrokinetic attraction, which mainly depends on the surface properties of the solid particles and the cellulose filtration aid itself. When those particles with small pores inside the filter aid collide with the inner surface of the porous filter aid, they are attracted by opposite charges, and the other is the mutual attraction between the particles to form chains and stick to the filter aid. are all adsorption.

The above is a brief introduction of cellulose filtration aid manufacturers to the main functions of cellulose filtration aid, hoping to help you in your further understanding.

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