How to choose good price and quality hamster pet bedding for hamster


People who keep hamsters usually choose the right good price and quality hamster pet bedding for them. As for how to choose bedding for them, it may be a headache for many novice pet owners.

good price and quality hamster pet bedding

The following will share some methods of choosing good price and quality hamster pet bedding for hamsters, hoping to help netizens in need:

The good price and quality hamster pet bedding one: sawdust
Sawdust is a kind of bedding that many people who keep hamsters will choose. This kind of hamster pet bedding is more suitable for hamsters in summer. It can absorb food and smell. However, when purchasing, you can't choose casually. Be careful Leftovers from some lumber mills, which are unsterilized, can be harmful to hamsters.

The good price and quality hamster pet bedding II: paper cotton
The water absorption and odor absorption of this kind of hamster pet bedding are much better than that of wood chips, but the price of this kind of bedding is much more expensive than that of wood chips. Generally, hamster pet bedding will not use paper cotton bedding, but, If you are relatively wealthy financially, you can also consider this litter.
How to use: Evenly spread a layer of paper cotton in the cage, you can spread a little more in winter, and a thin layer in spring and summer, you can replace some of the paper cotton that is wet with urine in 1-2 days, about 1 week It is recommended to clean the cage and replace all paper cotton. In summer, the frequency of changing paper cotton pads should increase.

The good price and quality hamster pet bedding three: wood pellets
The advantages of this ghamster pet bedding are: high water absorption and deodorization, which has great advantages compared to other similar products. Less dust, no damage to the small pet's respiratory tract. Long lasting, no need to change frequently, not easy to stick to animals or the ground. The price is also relatively cheap. The loss of this kind of litter is not a lot. Many small pets can use this kind of litter. Pet Sky does not recommend you to use this kind of litter.
The disadvantage of this kind of bedding is: because of the relatively large particles, it will make the hamster uncomfortable, and the thermal insulation effect is not very good.
How to use: Spread wood chips with a thickness of 2-4cm on the chassis or hamster's cage. If you are not used to it for the first time, you can sprinkle some wood chips on the wood particles for the transition period of adaptation. For best results, clean the wood particles regularly and thoroughly at least once a week. It is recommended to use it in summer, and it is best not to use this bedding in winter.

The good price and quality hamster pet bedding four: cat litter
Cat litter can also be used as bedding for hamsters, because it has strong water absorption and odor absorption, so cat litter is also a good choice.
The advantages of cat litter are: high water absorption and deodorization, cheap, easy to clean, and less dust.
The disadvantage of cat litter is that because of the small particles, it is often easily swallowed by pets or hamsters.
How to use: The highly hygroscopic cat litter quickly absorbs the moisture in the feces and forms a big hard mass. When cleaning cat litter, use a cat litter shovel with a leak hole to scoop out these large and small hard lumps and throw them away. As the cat litter is consumed, the owner can add new cat litter to the cat litter box at any time. The usage method is similar to that used for cats. If you have raised cats, it is also very simple to use.

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