How to choose hamster paper bedding


How to buy hamster paper bedding? Whether it is domestic toilet paper or imported toilet paper, as long as it is the kind of very white and bright toilet paper, it is not suitable for golden bear's hamster paper bedding.

Wholesale hamster paper bedding

Because when these papers are made, a lot of chemicals such as softeners, brighteners, fluorescent agents, etc. need to be added. Don't think these things will disappear after the finished product is made, a lot of them will remain on the paper. And these papers, which are used for wiping things or other purposes, are only in short-term contact with the skin and will not cause damage to the skin.

But as hamster paper bedding is a long-term basis, and the golden bear has the habit of chewing the paper and spit it out and laying the nest again, and occasionally eats the paper, it will do great harm to the health of the golden bear .

Therefore, the hamster paper bedding of the golden bear is best used for small pets. Cheap sawdust, sand, mid-range corncob, wood pellets, tofu sand, etc. high-end paper cotton or paper strips are all good.

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