How to lay hamster pet bedding


The hamster pet bedding is still very important to the comfort of the hamster's life. The hamster pet bedding can not only keep the cage clean and tidy for a long time, but also provide an environment for hamsters to dig, explore and hide. But there are still many friends who have no idea where to start in the face of a lot of hamster pet bedding. So, how exactly should hamster pet bedding be laid?

hamster pet bedding

1. A thick layer of bedding is laid on the bottom layer;
2. The middle layer is covered with sawdust and paper cotton;
3. Sprinkle highly absorbent wood particles and paper particles on the four corners;
4. Cover the surface with flax and grass.
Spread to a thickness you feel comfortable with, you can place furniture to create a more comfortable living environment for them.

The bottom layer can choose the clean hamster pet bedding replaced by the last landscaping, because it is impossible for the hamsters to pollute all the bedding materials, and the remaining ones have their own breath, which can not only relieve the tension of the new environment, but also Reduce the waste of litter.

The hamster pet bedding with high water absorption is selected in the middle, and it is slightly compacted, which can ensure the support force of the hamsters digging holes. Highly absorbent padding in the four corners so that they can be better absorbed when the corners pee, making the whole environment more dry and refreshing.

Finally, put some hamster pet bedding with low water absorption on the surface, and you can get the perfect hamster living environment with decoration.

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