The application prospects of xylem fiber are expanded


According to the above research on xylem fiber itself, it can be seen that it has the following characteristics.

xylem fiber products

(1) There are many hydroxyl groups on the macromolecular chain of xylem fiber, which has the reaction performance of conversion and the designability of the reaction. Therefore, the processing technology of various materials is relatively simple, the cost is low, and the processing process is pollution-free.

(2) xylem fiber materials can be completely degraded by microorganisms, which is different from biodegradable materials made by blending biomass materials and polyolefins, because for the latter, biomass materials can be biodegraded, but polyolefins are not. Not or hardly biodegradable.

(3) The xylem fiber material itself is non-toxic. Therefore, the use of xylem fiber-based materials is very wide.

Regenerated xylem fiber separation membrane is an important type of membrane material. It has the advantages of good mechanical properties, hydrophilicity, less adsorption of proteins and blood cells, resistance to gamma rays, heat resistance, stability, biocompatibility and safety, and a large number of hydroxyl groups. It is easy to modify and modify, and can be completely decomposed into CO2 and water under the action of microorganisms after being discarded, without causing environmental pollution. Therefore, the regenerated xylem fiber separation membrane is a very promising polymer membrane material, which is mainly used in some separation fields such as dialysis, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, and nanofiltration.

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