What is the role of cellulose filter aids?


1. Essentially, the cellulose filter aids needs to increase the concentration of solids in the feed suspension, which promotes bridging between energy particles and creates two rigid lattice structures for the filter cake. .

cellulose filter aids

2. It can also reduce the tendency of flow deformation, even if irregular or angular particles have faster bridging characteristics than spherical particles.

3. The weight of the cellulose filter aid added to the suspension should be equal to the average particle weight in the suspension.

4. The ideal addition amount is 0.01% to about 4% of the weight of the cellulose filter aid to the weight of the suspension, but when it is used in practical applications, it is still determined by experiments. Rate.

5. Typically, the initial precoat amount of cellulose filter aids should be 25 to 50 times the amount required to fill the filter and the south bridge.

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